Friday 27 February 2009

get ready! GO!!!

Today I start my first blog in order to motivate me documenting my MSc project. I always convince myself that my internal memory capacity is unlimited, but my supervisor raised some points why it's important to write those things.

To summarize the project into one sentence. I'm going to explore (research) automatic markets mechanisms. Full details about this tournament can be found if you follow this link.

I'm going to build an automatic market that compete against others markets to attract traders to choose my market over the competitors. Probably now you ask yourself why from the group of markets the traders will want to select my market?
I asked similar question myself yesterday while travelling home on the tube (underground train of London). The carriage was packed and one stop later it was almost completely empty, but only this carriage, which bring me to think when travelling on the tube, how people select which carriage to travel on? I can list a few strategies: nearest to entrance in the departure station, nearest to exit at the destination, randomly and etc... Traders would behave similar, different traders have different strategy to select a market.