Wednesday 29 April 2009

what next?

The document Overview of CAT: A Market Design Competition that summarize the tournament rules has been revised to version 2.0. I will get back to these document, but first I will discuss the issues I'm unsure relating to how to go forward and several technical issues relating to the tournament.
  • How to plug in past entries to the jCAT code?
  • Is it possible to plug them into the visualize simulation of the game? That is how I understand it according to footnote 1 of the new document, but I need to find how to use the libraries developed for these entries.
  • According to plan in preliminary report, I dedicated time to investigate market mechanisms and policies. I would like in this stage to go through the research paper again briefly and revise the time line to investigate these points.
In the revised document the changes are listed under bullet point 1.1.

According to point 2.4.1 I will want investigate the different possibilities to monitor my client during the course of game as there is no interface when running as client only. would sql be the answer?

How would I detect if client is disconnected from the game server? does the client try to establish the connection by itself?

Footnote 4,5 seems important related to information the client receive from the server for transactions that didn't happen for any reason.

The link in 3.3 to check the progress of the game, which includes the days which aren't trading days. What is it useful for?

In my preliminary research I didn't pay attention to the method traders choose market (randomly or using the n-armed bandit problem). It's discussed in 4.2 in the document.