Thursday 19 March 2009


The easy way isn't always the easiest one. The code for the CAT Tournament is written in Java though one can write a client to communicate with the Tournament organisers server using CATP protocol (protocol written to talk with their server). It means if I decide to write a client in any other technology, but Java I have to write from scratch everything as a client already exist in Java and I just need to plug it into new libraries I will write that make the decisions.

These days almost everyone uses IDE to develop and as I have not much experience in Java I decided to go with NetBeans. First time I download the software was a couple of months ago and only today I feel that I'm confident enough to use it (still not mastering NetBeans) and this is after I have to work on a different project to build Plagiarism detection system and I used NetBeans.

Over a month ago I've already managed to run the code of jCat on NetBeans, but a few days ago wanted to use the Ant script to run separately the Market Client from running the whole package and realised that as I didn't use the free form to import the project NetBeans uses its own build script.

The new 6.5.1 version I upgraded to today have funny selection menu so spent a while to realise I define the Classpath only to the Source Packages and not also to the Test Packages, which gave me these annoying error messages all over.

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