Saturday 27 June 2009

count down and data analyse

only 12 days left to the opening shot. so far I've run several simulations related to the fees. I struggled to analyse the logs generated by JCAT. I used Microsoft Excel and NeoOffice the equivalent of OpenOffice for Mac and couldn't find an easy way to process efficient way to process the huge amount of data. I was advised to try Pivot table that the term in Excel and Data pilot in NeoOffice. I don't master that feature yet, but indeed it makes life simpler.

In order to analyse the effect of different variables, I kept all static, but one of them, adjust that variable to 5-7 different values and compared. I'm not going to write my outcome here, but I can tell that best not to keep fees fixed during the whole duration of the game and they need to be adjusted.

Running the game on my computer I observed that it runs on different speeds, depends on the computer processor when selecting the CallBasedInfrastructureImpl in the config file, there are also different configurations for the clock that I haven't yet checked the difference in the API. It's possible to simultaneously multiple games on one machine, just had to change the params file to write the log to different files and when running ant using the parameter -Dparams to run the game with different params file.

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