Sunday 7 June 2009

Trial starts on the 15th June

In the week that starts on the 15th June, A trial of the tournament will be held. The purpose of the trial is to test whether the contesters can successfully connect to the server and participate.
This constraint forces me to focus on make sure that my specialist can connect to the game trial server at Liverpool university.
The document JCAT: The Software Platform for CAT Games was updated on the 1st May, one of the additions is explanation about the parameters of JCAT platform that enable to configure the specialist client from outside the code.

For the trial I'll run the game server and the specialist client on different processes. I might need to run additional specialists and traders for testing purpose.

My time plan hence is changed and until the 15th I will work on making sure I manage to connect to the game server. In case I manage to finish it before the 15th I should start work on selecting a strategy to implement. I read in AI book about different learning techniques and I'll choose the most suitable learning technique and implement it.

After the trial week I'll have 1-2 days to select which learning technique I'll implement, a week to implement it, 2-3 days to plan and build a test plan to compare my strategy to previous year participates and 2-3 days to run the tests. Which brings me to a week before the cometition.

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